prevención del abuso del alcohol entre jóvenes.

presenting ideas in a concise and original way, and by making the learning process more enjoyable and efficient

The active participation of the students was the preponderant note of the performance, which focused on the danger of the excesses of alcohol or consumption


Getting Straight Through

Getting Straight Through offers information about the risks of inadequate consumption.   From the evaluations carried out in the schools, it can be deduced that "The young people participated with enthusiasm, and not only had a good time but also reflected on the consumption of alcohol. Creating a space for prevention that is different, new, close and very direct ".

María Fdez Quiñones
Drug Plan
Cangas del Narcea
"The actor (Peter Roberts) captures the attention of the students from the first moment, interacts with them in a playful and close way, making them more receptive to messages and metaphors about the effects and consequences of alcohol consumption.
All this is done mixing theater, mime and magic with the result of a very enjoyable and fun performance with a clear and concise message about the effects of alcohol abuse "
Kyny Mesones
Social Educator of SSAP nº. 8
"The evaluation of the work is very positive, quickly engages with young people. The subject of prevention is treated with humor from the certainty of the data and the seriousness that the subject of alcohol abuse implies. A great work, great and ingenious, that reaches the kids and that leaves no one indifferent. Greetings and thanks for everything
Program Coordinator,
"Excellent, even in performances with large groups the attention and participation of the spectators was spectacular. It establishes the knowledge about what alcohol is and what consequences can be had of its consumption. Solves very well the part of personal decision making, with a viewer who participates in showing in a funny, magical way the importance of choosing responsibly, or as it is said in the work with two fingers of the front and without being manipulated "
Rosa Mª Delegido García.
Coordinator of the Municipal Commission for Drug Addiction and Other Addictive Behaviors
City Council of Petrer.

"The climate has been very favorable, the participation of the appropriate students and the activity has been valued very positively by the students and the teachers who have attended. The contents on prevention of alcohol consumption have been treated objectively and with a message that reaches young people with great ease. "

The Mime Theater "invites you to participate in “Getting Straight Through”.

It is a primary prevention resource

In which, everyday situations are developed to favour critical reflexion in young people, adapting the preventive message to a suggestive and attractive language.


They will be able to laugh and get excited, as well as thinking about their relationship with alcohol.


Getting Straight Through (GST), which raises awareness about alcohol consumption, is aimed at students in Compulsory Secondary Education and Post-compulsory from 12 to 18 years..

It is a primary prevention resource for raising awareness and awareness of the true risk that alcohol abuse entails.


It is a show of mime, magic and different mood that encourages the participation of the public. It arrives, through art, directly to the emotional consciousness of the students.

It can be carried out in schools or theaters.

The communication of the primary prevention message has a lot to do with the actor's ability to create a dynamic and versatile space that is molded to the spontaneous circumstances of each event. It is action; reaction and interaction to be a live, different, innovative, close and very direct prevention resource.

The effect is a program that is very impactful and positive as a way to open a debate with students about the abuse of alcohol and the harm it causes.


Encourage critical reflection on excessive alcohol consumption, through the representation of everyday situations.

Recognition of the cause-effect relationship between the abusive consumption of alcohol and certain socio-health problems.

Promote the prevention of risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Communication strategies.

GST investigates around the possibilities of verbal and nonverbal communication and the staging of the artist, as well as the ability of the show, to draw the attention of young people and warn them about the associated personal, family and social risks to the consumption of alcohol.

For this purpose, it was decided to use a novel methodology that approaches the language of young people in an effective way and that captures their attention more effectively.

In parallel, the prevention resource Mimarte has a guide for teachers that allows the teaching team to choose, select and even compose their worksheets that complete the action plan.

Regarding the ongoing evaluation of Getting Straight Through, there is an evaluation questionnaire and young people are invited to fill it out at the end of each session.

This allows us to assess the show and the results for the continuous improvement of the Project.

The following table summarizes part of the results, in averages, of 2159 participants in 56 representations during 2016,

The show provides useful information

The show is dynamic, participatory...

Help think about alcohol consumption

Warns about the risks of alcohol consumption.





In the 2016 General Report (here) you can check, with data, how I can meet the following objectives:


  1. Provoke a reflection on consumer habits.

  1. Warn about the risks of consumption and help identify them.

  1. Make known the personal, family and social consequences of consumption.

Click here to participate in the Getting Straight Through circuit.

It is not necessary to have an assembly hall.

The resource can be delivered in a gym, or in a large covered space.

In case you are interested, the most important thing is to submit a petition to, providing information about the group, date, time, and where to stage the experience.

Budget request for multiple representations.

The requested budgets will be sent within a period of not more than 72 hours. Once the budget is accepted, The Mime Theater will contact the school to plan the service and offer it with quality guarantees. The necessary data are:

* Dates and schedules.

* The audience (ages).

* Place of the performance.

  1. *Contact person in the school center.

* Data for billing.

Promotion for the resource.

Our Press and Communications department is responsible for informing the local media about the details of the commitment acquired so that they in turn, if they wish, can inform their listeners and / or readers of the action to be taken.

The day of the performance

We arrive early enough to check the facilities and set up the scenic space, usually one hour before acting.

At the end of the representation we dismantle and collect in less than an hour, ensuring the correct condition of the client's facilities.

Evaluation of customer satisfaction.

The quality policy of the Mimo Theater is governed by continuous improvement and for this we offer you an evaluation system in which you can calibrate our service and offer suggestions.

For more information and request for quotes contact

The Mime Theater

Peter Roberts

Tel: +34 676 977 782



More testimonies

Debora Herrero
IES Loinazpe

"Fantastic! The students have gotten fully into the show and it has been sobering. "
Click here to see the video.

I want to participate in Getting Straight Through.



2018 - 2019

The Basque Government through the Department of Public Health Drug Dependencies and following its preventive focus on drug use and focusing its greatest concern on the early and abusive consumption of alcohol by the youngest offers the possibility of programming in the municipalities of the community  representations of MIMARTE, a project to prevent alcohol abuse through mime, used as a vehicle to access secondary school teenagers.

Alava: 4


Vizcaya: 9


Febrero 2017

14/02/17 15:00 Tolosa  Hirukide Ikastetxea Fotos  Informe

17/02/14 09:50 Tolosa  Laskorain Ikastola  Fotos  Informe

21/02/17 09:00 Donostia IES Antigua-Luberri BHI Fotos

21/02/17 11:25 Donostia IES Antigua-Luberri BHI Fotos

Abril 2017

10/04/17 12:30 Lodosa, Navarra, IES Pablo Sarasate. Fotos

Mayo 2017

26/10/17 18:30  Eskoriatza  Zaldibar Antzokia.  Fotos

Setiembre 2017

29/09/17 09:00   Almen Ikastola, Eskoriatza

29/09/17  13:00   Kurtzebarri BHI  Aretxabaleta

Octubre 2017

18/10/17  09:00  Lasarte-Oria BHI

18/10/17  11:00  Lasarte -Oria BHI

24/10/17   08:30 Loinazpe BHI, Beasain.

24/10/17  11:30  Loinazpe BHI, Beasain

Noviembre 2017

02/11/17   11:10  Loinazpe BHI, Beasain

08/11/17  12:45   Ikastola Zurriola, Donostia

13/11/17  ?13:30   IES Badaia, Nanclares de la Oca.

14/11/17  09:30   Ondarroa

14/11/17  11:15   Ondarroa

16/11/17  09:00   PCPI y San Pelayo, Lobiano Kultur Etxea. Ermua

16/11/16  11:00   IES Ermua  Lobiano Kultur Etxea. Ermua

16/11/16  15:00   IES Ermua  Lobiano Kultur Etxea. Ermua

17/11/16   09:45  Cine Harresi, Agurain

21/11/17  09:30   Sala Kresala, Santurtzi

21/11/17  13:00   IES Ataulfo Argenta, Castro Urdiales, Cantabria

22/11/17  Ambíguo del Auditorium - Leioa - Bizkaia

22/11/17  Ambíguo del Auditorium - Leioa - Bizkaia

23/11/17  Ambíguo del Auditorium - Leioa - Bizkaia

23/11/17  Ambíguo del Auditorium - Leioa - Bizkaia

24/11/17  12:00  CIP Mendibil Irun

28/11/17    Hondarribia

29/11/17  10:00  Casa Cultura - Sodupe.

Diciembre 2017

04/12/17 11:00  Sala Jokin Zaitegi de Kulturate, Arrasate

05/12/17 09:45  Sala Mayor de Kulturate, Arrasate

05/12/17 11:00  Sala Mayor de Kulturate, Arrasate

11/12/17   15:00   Bizarain BHI, Renteria

12/12/17   13:40   Koldo Mitxelena BHI, Renteria

13/12/17   14:30  Bentades Ikastetxea, Mungia

14/12/17   09:00   Cangas del Narcea, Asturias

15/12/17   11:30   Milagrosa, Llodio

18/12/17   14:30  Santa Cruz de Campezo

Historial de Mimarte

Año      Personas   Bolos

2004           1653              21

2005            3530             39

2006            5110             50

2007            8797             84

2008            5905             80

2009            5048             80

2010            3643            104

2011            4395              58

2012            4950              71

2013            3003              61

2014            2803              63

2015            2097              39

2016            2159              56

2017            1506              39 

Total     54599       845

Provoke reflexion

This aspect has been one of the main factors for this program as a preventive means, since it proposes "favoring critical reflection on the excessive consumption of alcohol, through the representation of everyday situations", using mime as a means of expression in its representations


email:           Tel.: (+34)  676 977 782

Getting Straight Through to young people about the dangers of alcohol.
Clientes of Proyecto Mimarte by:


Getting Straight Through
Ana Mª Zapatel García
IES Almadrava

"Very positive. It captures the attention of the students. Without realizing it, the subject of alcohol consumption and its risks is introduced. The students keep their interest throughout the performance and participate. "
Iker Sotés García
CMFP Llodio

"Very positive. A different and innovative way to work on alcohol prevention. Very striking for the students ".
Mª Concepción Paya Carbonell
Technique of the Drug Addiction Commission.

"Excellent. He has kept the kids attentive during the whole performance. They fought, almost, to participate ".
Head of Studies
IES Nine Valleys
San Miguel Bridge

"It is a very appropriate experience / resource to sensitize the students about the prevention of alcohol, etc. The format is adapted to the age, their interests, previous knowledge and is, above all, very close to the daily experiences of the students. We believe that this work will facilitate the subsequent work of teachers in the classroom.
We think it is a very positive experience to continue developing it in upcoming courses. It has a clear and well-developed goal and purpose. "
Mª Gloria Sanchis López
IES Tirant Lo Blanc

"Fantastic, a fun way to learn something very important.
The boys liked it a lot.
It has been an extraordinary experience. "
Mª Antonia Sánchez Roca
IES Los Alcores
San Miguel de Salinas

"Very enjoyable, fun and at the same time very educational, motivating students to connect with a reality that is not always clear: the effects of alcohol."
Pilar Tormo Jordá
IES La Foia

"A fantastic session with values ​and very important content and treated with much art, entertaining entente. Highlighting objectives for student learning.
Great Success. THANK YOU".
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